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Series  LBS


Capacity: 16 - 22 - 33 - 50 - 66 - 100 Kg.
For Hospitals and care homes


After a deep investigation carried out in Hospitals , experts  have realized that quite frequently infections were transmitted because of bad-hygiene of the linen . Best system to wash and treat  linen is with water washing machines but main problem is how to handle dirty and infected linen and how to separate them from those which have already been treated and disinfected.   This brought to an accurate and careful projecting job : objective was to design a machine suitable to wash and hygienize all kind of linen used in hospitals, clinics, rest homes a.s.o.     As result  LBS PASS-THRU washing machines have been realized to reduce the risk of spreading nosocomial infections during laundering.   Optimal sanitation is ensured by a dual door design separated by a sanitized partition. Disinfected laundry never comes in contact with soiled contaminated laundry.

Correct installation must be done placing the machine through a wall. This allows the operator to introduce the contaminated and dirty linen from where it does not exist any possibility of contact with the clean linen. At the end of the washing cycle, the unloading phase of the clean and sterilized linen is performed by the opposite side of the wall through the opening of a second door. During this phase a safety, device keeps closed the loading door, allowing the unloading of the basket in all safety and in a non-contaminated area. LBS Series machines are countersigned by a solid and strong construction and by a great facility of use. The system of vectorial squares suspensions and the use of inverter transmission allows great stability during the extraction phase, which reaches the 900 or 1000 rpm according to the capacity: this drastically reduces the transmission of vibrations to the ground and consequently the noise level

COMPUTER MPP  – All operations are performed through the microprocessor computer MPP.Endowed with 5 programs already memorized it has the possibility to memorize other 25 programs, directly on the same computer or through an external PC.
Programming and consultation of the programs is very simple. The display shows all operations while running and the remaining time of the washing cycle.
The end of the cycle is followed by an acoustic control.
BASKET – The design and the big dimensions of the basket allow to reduce water and energy consumption, permit to reach a good filling ratio and an excellent washing quality which can be performed by introducing in the machine detergents, disinfectants and sterilizes, either as liquid or dust. The doors with big dimensions and their wide length allow very fast loading and unloading phases.

The LBS  Series is also fitted with an automatic locking system of the basket during the loading and unloading phase of the linen.
Doors are protected by an electromagnetic locking system, which does not allow the opening during the operation. The positioning of the basket is automatic and changes if you are opening the door used for the dirty or for the clean linen.
Thanks to the good positioning of the components, maintenance is very easy to be carried out.
Heating of water, necessary for the washing phase can be generated by:
Electrical resistances (ELECTRICAL machine)
Steam injection (STEAM heated machine)

Extraction speed  900 - 1000 rpm
Digital display
Soft mounted
Automatic balancing system
Safety door lock
Electric or steam heating system
Electronic frequency drive motor
Alarm display
Soap container

Vat, body, drum in stainless steel AISI 304

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