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Washing systems

Studied for the washing and the care of all articles for horse riding


The washing of summer and winter blankets, saddle pads, bell boots, shipping boots, wraps and bandages and accessories…..

becomes a pleasant experience!

In equestrian centres, farms and stables a lot of time is spent on the care of the horses and consequently the correct treatment and washing of summer and winter blankets, saddle pads and all other accessories becomes an important aspect in granting both the good care of the horses and the health of the riders.
Usually after physical effort the saddles pads which are in direct contact with the horse’s skin are soaked with the sweat, mixed with dust and impurities from the saddle.
If the saddles pads are not regularly cleaned clumps of dirt may appear that can harden the tissues. The same goes for the summer and winter blankets, which absorb the sweat of the animal, and for the blankets used in the stables or used to protect the horse from the rain.
Sometimes a horse’s sweat may develop dermatophytes. To prevent the spread of germs and the proliferation of these fungi it is highly recommended to wash the horse’s blankets with great care.
The regular washing of blankets and saddle pads, combined with proper care, allows you to maintain the value and the fine quality of the fabrics and to safeguard the health of the horse…..only careful cleaning is a guarantee of hygiene.

A simple process for a great result!

Careful market research has brought AQUASTAR to achieve a washing system which can be installed in stables with the maximum simplicity, guaranteeing incomparable results and enriching your equestrian centre with a specialized professional service, also allowing an increase in turnover.
To simplify washing operations our machines can be equipped with payment systems using tokens or coins which render the operator completely independent and autonomous.

Blankets and saddle pads cleaned, perfumed and sanitized!

The excellent results of washing achieved with the AQUASTAR system are possible thanks to the use of high quality detergents, softeners and sanitizing products especially developed for the different kinds of fabric used in the production of articles for horseriding: these allow both careful and delicate washing , perfect for the care of all fabrics.
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