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Flatwork Dryers Ironers

For the ironing and drying of the plane linen
Automatic front entrance and back exit

Series: MC- M
Diameter of the Cylinder 500 mm.

Series MC-M

MCM line has been specially designed to meet the needs of hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals and every other structure which requires clean and well ironed linen

The  models MCM 2500, MCM 2800 and MCM 3200 are available with electric, gas and steam heating  and in the standard versions, with motorized rear exit, with the longitudinal folding and inserting.

Thanks to the attention and the care of the design phase,  MCM  line guaratees high quality results and , above all, complete safety.
Satisfaction of the customer 100% guaranteed !

No other drying ironer in the market offers a result comparable with AQUASTAR MC-M !
Thanks to the double ironing belts and to their particular configuration, the marks on the linen, typical of drying ironing, are a problem of the past.
The MC-M series assures high quality results, very similar to those of a chest ironer. The belts wrap 87% of the roller diameter, in this way it is granted a very high hourly production.

The classic blacks marks on bands and tissues due to the sliding of the temperature probe against the roller is a problem that AQUASTAR eliminated!
All models MCM RE, MCM PF and MCM FE are  equipped with a dual output side for the ironed laundry: the operator, at all times, can choose whether to receive the processed laundry on the front or rear; in the second case the rolling machine becomes   "pass-through" thus speeding up the ironing process: one or two operators work  on the front side by inserting the linen to process, while one or two operators working on the back side  fold and store the ironed material.
MODEL Production KG/h Roll diameterRoll lenght
MC-M 250057 > 62Ø 500
2508 mm
MC-M 280063 > 68Ø 500
2717 mm
MC-M 320075 > 80Ø 500
3135 mm

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