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Series : LRC

Hard mounted washer extractors - Low extract speed  

Capacity : 40 - 55 - 70 - 85 Kg.
Need fixing on the floor

The AQUASTAR LRC series are the ideal solution for the laundries in BIG hotels, hospitals, industrial laundry and for all those structures, which treat  big quantity of linen.
Designed to satisfy the needs expressed by the users and realized with the best available technologies, these washing machines assure high quality results.
This range of hard mounted machines – require floor fixing – includes 40, 55, 70 and 85 kg capacity models.
A stainless steel body, more durable and hardwearing than the painted plate, and high quality components.
The LRC Series have a robust, rectangular chassis, which will reduce vibration by transmitting them to the ground and prolonging the product’s lifetime.
Easier repairs, with alarms, statistics control memory, repair kits and a drum that can be removed via the front of the appliance, reducing the minimum space and time required.
New soap-box with non-return system
Easy connection for the automatic dosing of the products
Automatic system for the unbalance control which allows smoother movements and which lengthens the life of components
Standard frequency inverter

The computer TSC 8 , is the new and innovative TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL SYSTEM supplied to all new washing machines AQUASTAR the LRC series
This is not a simple microprocessor, but a real computer that makes the LRC washing machine particularly flexible to the needs of the laundries.

Interact with the machine is very simple and intuitive, thanks to an easy system of ICONS.

The operator simply selects the desired application and follows the instructions that appear on the screen.
Thanks to an excellent resolution, the LCD display can play on the screen of the machine, images, advertising texts, and alerts to users, etc.

During program execution , the screen will show all  operations that the washing machine is running : By using the appropriate application you can access the parameters set for the chosen program and modify them, if necessary , during the execution of the same.
The TSC 8 allows you to create , edit , nominate  and store up to 200 programs .
During the creation of the programs you can also set the half load:  in this case the computer will automatically optimize the levels of water and the use of the detergent .... avoiding unnecessary wastes.
Panels in stainless steel AISI 304
Drum and tank in stainless steel AISI 304
G-Factor  – 100
Extract speed among 355 and  450 rpm
Computer Touch Screen Model TSC 8, easy and intuitive
Up to 200 washing programs  
Loading door locking system
Large loading door for easy loading and unloading
Inverter on the washing motor
4 soap tanks
Very solid construction
Low vibration and increased stability
Economic and ecological

Need fixing on the floor
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 (Bologna) Italy

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