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AQUASTAR dryers guarantee excellent results. Available with electric , gas and steam heating systems these dryers ensure a perfect drying and remarkably low consumption thanks to the special air routing inside the drum.
Thanks to the  inversion of the basket rotation, standard on all our dryers, it is possible to get an uniform drying also for garments and pieces of larger dimensions: the  rotation of the drum avoids the classic "ball" effect, which results in drying just the outdoor part of the laundry, while the inside remains moist.
Thanks to the anti-wrinkle function, at the end of the drying cycle, the drum continues to rotate in alternating directions and at regular intervals, keeping the bedding in movement up to the discharge, thus avoiding the formation of folds and facilitating the operation finishing.
ELECTRIC HEATING: thanks to the microprocessor which allows to control the levels of power, the electrical dryers can work with complete or partial power, thus reducing the consumptions

STEAM HEATING: thanks to the system with continuos flow, the heat exchanger is immediately available thus preventing water hammer and possible cavitation phenomena typical of the valve system: ES dryers have been designed for a long life!

GAS HEATING : ES dryers have been designed to work with all types of gases, are fitted with a burner with ignition and flame control

Drum in stainless steel
Microprocessor controls IM7
30 programs available, easily and freely editable
11 languages available
Signaling of alarms and filter cleaning
Self-diagnosis function
Automatic cooling at end of cycle
Reverse drum
Easy access to the air filter
Wide Loading  Door
Air filter easy to maintain
Anti-wrinkling function at cycle end to facilitate the finishing operations
Microprocessor : IM7

Standard in all  ES dryers, the microprocessor
MP allows to easily handle following operations:

Drying time
Rotation speed of the basket
Fan rotation speed
Heating level (Electric Version)
Anti-wrinkle system
Alarm management
Specially designed to facilitate the use of the dryer, the maintenance and the management of costs the IM7 microprocessor is extremely flexible and intuitive.

AQUASTAR has overcome the problems linked to the different languages ; microprocessor MP7 has many languages available so to ensure ease of use anywhere in the world. The keyboard also uses only the easy to interpret symbols.

Simplify maintenance means reducing costs! All the alarms shown on the display are stored and easily recalled by the technician in case you require additional assistance. The microprocessor also has a HELP area viewed on the display  which shows all  operations required to make a correct diagnosis and solve the problem as quickly as possible

Thanks to the Power Control function, the electric dryer can work on several levels of heating; the operator, according to the power available, can choose whether to operate the dryer at the  minimum or at  the maximum power. The user can also control from the  display the energy consumed from the dryer  , whether it is electrical, gas or steam.
The test of the loads and input can be made directly from the keyboard.

Depending on the fabric, the drying cycle may differ for time, temperature, basket rotation speed, fan rotation speed, parameters of the anti-wrinkles cycle, etc. The drying programs can be created according to individual need, saved and subsequently recalled when needed again. This allow to save time, ensure high quality results and avoid tissue damage related to incorrect settings of the operator.

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